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Our objective

Not just good, better

As a team, we share common values and convictions. Together with our specialized knowledge, they form the basis for our successes. Those successes in turn motivate us as a team, and encourage each individual to keep doing an even better job of handling the tasks and challenges – with a passion for technology, and enthusiasm about the great possibilities and opportunities that the future offers us. Inspired by progress.

Our belief

Rule #1

If you don't take care of your customer, somebody else will.
Pixelgenau is

Tomorrow’s state-of-the-art technology is already on our agenda, and we are reviewing the possibilities and opportunities for our customers.


We are already thinking beyond the here and now, constantly developing new ideas and concepts. We believe the future will only come about through innovation.


In order to keep developing, we constantly put our samples, methods and technologies to the test. We dare to try new things.

Further Development

People with an open mind who are thinking about the future have come to the right place – pixelgenau actively supports them. We collaborate to continuously improve our work.


Our employees are driven to continue their personal development, optimally expanding their personal potential.


Working together as a team forms our strength. Respect is the basis for our success.


We achieve outstanding growth in a dynamic market environment thanks to our highly qualified employees. Each person benefits from everyone else’s knowledge. Performance secures the future.

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